How do I use my own domain?

First purchase the correct plan, then you will need to add an MX record pointing to and a TXT record with a value 'func=mailpipe&user=USER_ID'

Can I use Mailpipe directly from Tor?

Absolutely, all Functup sites automatically are accessable from Tor as well. Mailpipe is availiable at https://mailpipe.mspwzo5yugzsqw2v77dvcviu63p5q2zspzhrewrbcydixxktqlrnvxad.onion.

How can I pay with Lightning?

Connect to our LND node: 021[email protected]

Can I pay over Tor?

Sure, connect to our Tor LND node: fafumon6bsuvs7rchggboh5il4byab5ccin7q353i6rj7ww6fengcsqd.onion:9735